Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everything a Birthday Should Be

Hey there.  For those who may not know, yesterday was my birthday.  And what a wonderfully, idyllic day it was!  It wasn’t a significant birthday, THAT was last year, but it was a low-key sweet birthday. 

The highlights of my day included calls from my sons and from several friends, lot of email and facebook wishes, and time spent with my husband and daughter. 

My husband surprised me with this beautiful floral bouquet!  He is so sweet and knows that I love flowers, and he told the florist that I like pink.    The florist used beautiful pink peonies as a highlight in the bouquet.

I had received my birthday gift early – I purchased an elliptical machine.  The good news is I am building my time on the elliptical and my daughter is also enjoying the elliptical. 

We finished the day with dinner to go (my choice) from the place with my favorite salad, a nap on the sofa after dinner (!), and a quite evening at home with my honey.  What a completely lovely day!

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