Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still Working on the Teresa Collins Kit

Remember the Teresa Collins wedding kit I mentioned when sharing the adventures of the Atlanta Cricut Circle Crop?  I am still moving along on it, though ever so slowly.  The basic kit contains a flocked cover and back set along with the materials to create 16 pages.  Well being me.... !!! ... I just HAD to make a few changes.  For starters, the kit is all black and white... I introduced red and silver into the mix because Crissie's wedding colors are red, black, white and a touch of silver.  I also have added other fun elements.

The photo above is the flocked cover.  I have not done a thing to the cover yet and may wait until the rest of the album is complete before deciding what to do with the cover.

Page one of the album is a clear overlay with wedding words printed in black.  I probably should have photographed the page alone and not on the pile of pages.  The top half of page one is embellished and tagged, and the bottom half is empty.  That is because the photo on page three will show through the acetate overlay!! 

Pages two and three are pictured above.  Page two has a gemstone trim (thank you I-Rock) and will contain a small photo.  Page three will contain two photos of the couple and .....

.... a surprise flip down journaling area.  This is one of the fun elements I added to the book. 

Pictured above is a half page memorabilia folder - Teresa's design, not mine.  I think this is an adorable idea. 

A later page, above, is a 3/4 length page that will contain a 5 x7 photo - eventually.  Again, the red matting was my addition.

I am having fun with this album - both in construction and in planning.  I have decided to include cuts from the Cricut Wedding cartridge as well as additional pages and more 3-D accents.  I purchased more of the Teresa Collins cardstock and plan to incorporate the additional papers into the existing kit.

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