Thursday, June 30, 2011

After School profile

After School is a South Korean girl group under the label of Pledis Entertainment. The group had their first performance alongside label mate Son Dam Bi in 2008 and their official debut occurred on January 2009 with the song "AH!". The group became popular with the release of their hit single, "Because of You", which attained #1 and a triple crown on SBS's Inkigayo. After School went on to win various awards at the Billboard Japan Music Awards and the Seoul Music Awards.
Other hits by After School include "Diva", "Bang!" and "Shampoo". Three members of After School had formed a sub-group known as Orange Caramel with a different concept.
The group is currently preparing for their Japanese debut, and has collaborated with Namie Amuro for the song, "Make It Happen".
The current band consists of Park Kahi, Kim Jung Ah, Lee Joo Yeon, Uee, Raina, Nana, Lizzy and E-Young. Soyoung has since graduated from the group in fall 2009 and Bekah has announced that she will be departing from the group in July 2011.
Detail information 
After School
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, R&B
Years active 2009 – Present
Labels Pledis Entertainment (South Korea)
Avex Trax (Japan)
Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)
Associated acts Orange Caramel (Sub-Unit)
Son Dam Bi (Labelmate)
Namie Amuro
Korea Official Web Japan Official Web
Pledis Entertainment
**Jung Ah**
**Joo Yeon**

Past members
@@So Young@@

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