Monday, July 11, 2011

Pashto 2011 Film "Josh" Banner Pictures Arbaz Khan, Jahangir Khan, Sidra Noor and Sono Lal

Josh film released last month, it is a Pashto cinema scope movie, Arbaz Khan and Jahangir Khan have rolled in this film, I watched this movie myself in Karachi at "Nasheeman" cinema, as sometimes I watched Pashto movies. The artists of this movie are Arbaz Khan, Jahangir Khan Jani, M. Hussain Swati, Sidra Noor, Sehar Khan, Sono Lal and others. This was an action film and I think it was top on the box office, because many pashtun people like action movies. The story of this film was not much good but the screen play was better. I captured these pictures with my mobile camera and now you can see these pics on my blog.

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